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Like another legal casino, PariMatch tried to make their customers even happier. Therefore, they launched their own mobile version of the site, as well as applications for smartphones for Android and iOS. They allow you to constantly have access to a personal account of the game account, as well as the ability to make bets, wherever the user is. To use it, all you need is a cell phone and Internet access.

Downloading the application on the site casino
Downloading the application on the site PariMatch casino

Types of applications PariMatch casino

The latest generations of smartphones are usually based on iOS and Android. This point was taken into account by the developers and two types of applications were created, each of which is suitable for one platform or another. Also, so that the owners of older phone models do not feel discomfort, have created a mobile version of the main site. PariMatch casino counts on its users to make their bets not only from personal computers or laptops but also with the help of mobile gadgets and tablets.


How to download and install the PariMatch app

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to find, download and install the PariMatch casino app. Log in to the official site.

The safest way to download the PariMatch mobile app can be downloaded from the official website of PariMatch casino. There are two download links on the pages of the site. In the main menu, in the header of the site, the button with capital letters MOBILE. In the footer (in the footer, at the bottom of the page), under “Services”, the button “Mobile betting”.

Downloading the application on the site PariMatch casino

Once you get to the right page, read the brief rules and features, which are very clearly marked there. Click on the button with the Android logo and the download of the installer will start right away.

Installing the app on your phone

Once the installer download is complete, you can press the install button right away. If you downloaded the app from your computer then you’ll obviously need to transfer the installer to your smartphone before running the installation.


Registration and operation of the application

After installing the application on your smartphone there is only one last step to fully enjoy the game from your mobile. After registration, you will be able to use all the functions of the PariMatch casino.

Review of the Android version

Like any version for smart devices and cell phones, the application PariMatch casino has a somewhat simplified form compared to the official portal. This is understandable because mobile internet is often not very good in terms of speed.

Note that the app is updated regularly and don’t forget to do so if you like new features and functions. However, many players quite consciously do not update, because the newer and more modern version, the more it is, of course, and the more “consumes” traffic. And if your phone is not the latest generation, it may simply “not pull”. And the download speed in betting sometimes plays a very important role.

Types of applications casino
Types of applications PariMatch casino

So, here are its distinctive features:

  • A very simple design, without unnecessary decorations and additional options;
  • The vertical layout of the sections;
  • the settings at the bottom;
  • everything you need for the game is at the top.

To make a bet, first select the sporting event on the outcome of which you want to bet. Then click on the odds and a box with a coupon will open. You choose the type of bet, put the amount of money you want to bet, check if there are no mistakes or misprints, and then click the play button.

Advantages and disadvantages compared with the website

The cell phone application is slightly behind the official site in terms of functionality. This is definitely a big plus.

It allows you to make any kind of betting including LIVE betting. When you are on the phone, you are always in the game and you can quickly react to changing situations in the match. You can deposit and withdraw money – in fact, now you can abandon the desktop version altogether. The interface, on the one hand, is simplified, but on the other hand, it may be an advantage, there is nothing difficult to understand. And of course, you can quickly contact technical support if something suddenly goes wrong.

Advantages and disadvantages compared with the website


Of the disadvantages we note the following

There is no video broadcasting, and sometimes they are just necessary. And not even necessarily for the game, just watch the match when you do not have at hand a computer or TV – agree, a good option. But no, so no. Neither are past results of the competition. As a matter of fact, these two points are not critical at all, since you have the Internet anyway.

In all other respects, the Android version is not inferior to the main company website. So it is possible to use it, it makes the bettor’s life much easier.

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